We will start a place where science and art meet!

What is TERRACE?

TERRACE is a project that people in Hokkaido University (faculty members and students) collaborate with the local community residents and artists to find new values and society issues, and challenge to express them together with the power of science and art.

Our Aim and Focus

Create new futures
– To find one’s own queries, social issues and values, and discuss and think together in depth
Think new questions
– To convey your queries, issues and values you have found in the new forms of expression by collaborating with researchers and artists
Convey with new expressions
– To find ways to solve issues and to open the way to one’s future by repeating the processes of ‘thinking’ and ‘conveying (expressing)’

In 2017

By recording and reviewing the events we will be holding, we aim to find and generate further queries, new ways of expression, learning, researches and new networks to continue to the next development.


September, 2014
CoSTEP, the Department of Literature, and the Creative Research Institution (CRIS) cosponsored a collaborated event with Sapporo International Art Festival 2014.

April, 2016
Held a forum to exchange opinions between artists and researchers (‘Eve of Arranged-Marriage’).

February, 2017
Held 14th CRIS Symposium as a kickoff event of TERRACE.